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    Traveling Update


    So we have traveled many miles and done much since my last posting. We have traveled through north west Arkansas including Walmart head quarters. While we were in AR we worked with a rep named Nancy who also had a schipperke and let us come over her house to play with it. It is amazing how much alike he was in temperament and behavior to ZO. Image hosted by We made a stop on our day off at Hot Springs. We had made reservations at a bath house to get scrubbed and rubbed. It was pretty nice if not a little awkward having some big DUDE give you a bath and then some old guy rub you down. Sorry no pics of that you little rascals. But here is a picture of the bath house we went to. Image hosted by We also made some new friends during our stay at Young’s RV Park. James and Kimberly who were from Memphis which was where we were heading next. They had two little dogs with them so Anilia immediately ran up to them and petted their doggies and made friends. Image hosted by They were a young couple like ourselves who had also been married in Vegas. They invited us over to hang out that evening and we ended up hanging out with them and their neighbors who lived in their RV and pulled around a trailer to carry their Harleys and were also federal agents who had worked on the Oklahoma City bombing. After Hot Springs we went to Pine Bluff, AR which was a pretty poor town. We had planned on just staying in the Walmart parking lot that night but it looked like a pretty rough and tumble lot so we opted for a hotel instead. We worked there for a day and then headed off to Memphis. We drove into Graceland and stayed in the Graceland RV park which was right across the street from Graceland and directly behind the Heartbreak Hotel. We called up our new friends James and Kim and they took us under their wing during our stay in Memphis and took us out one night for really good Tai food and drinks and pool down in the midtown area. Oh and Anilia did the ROBOT! Image hosted by While we were in Memphis we also had some time to do as some touristy things so we went to SUN STUDIOS which is the birthplace of Rock-n-roll. Where Elvis, Johnny Cash and many others got their start. So that was pretty neat to take the tour and see the recording studio where so many great records were made. Anilia also got the RV stuck in the middle of the street as the hitch got caught on the parking lot which was exciting. Image hosted by We were supposed to be in Memphis 7 days or so, but then we got re-routed to Clarksville to work at the Riverfest. This worked out well for us as my cousin Lucy and her husband Greg live in Clarksville, my cousin Ben lives in Nashville and my Aunt Ronella lives in Murfreesboro along with my grandmother Momma Jo. My other cousin Carolyn was in town with her two children Jeremy and Josie. So we were all able to meet up together and went to see a performance of MY FAIR LADY which cousin Ben was in, playing the role of the love smitten Freddy. Here he is with Josie. Image hosted by We had a couple more days back in Memphis and one of the Reps we worked with David, invited us over to his house for a boat ride out on the lake. By the time we got there though it was getting dark so we just hung out on his porch with him and his fiancee and had a good ol’ time. After we finished up in Memphis we headed across the state of Tennessee to Rodgersville, which is where I am sitting currently. Anilia’s folks drove down to meet us at the RV park we are staying at and brought the doggies with them so we have been able to spend some time with all of them which is so nice. Image hosted by So that brings us up to now. We are just relaxing and doing laundry and I will take the RV to give it a bath in a little while. The it is back to work tomorrow here for a couple days then on to Knoxville and Chatanooga!

    Traveling Update