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    Training and Raining


    I haven’t had much of a chance to blog until now as we have had a pretty intensive schedule since we arrived in St. Louis for training. So here is the rundown of events of the past few days. We arrived in St. Louis with a multitude of suitcases and checked into our hotel. Image hosted by The first two days of training were classroom style. We went over reporting, basic dos and don’ts and got as lesson on the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid and learned the value of the phrase “I Don’t Know”. We also got to meet the other teams and spent a lot of time bonding over the next few days. Each day was about 14 hours of training with about 4-5 hours of sleep in between so it was quite the workout. Oh, and the second day a low grade tornado came through and wiped out the power to the hotel. So we got to spend the night like in the olden days with candles meandering through the darkness. After the storm we went out for a drive and saw the damage it had left in its wake. Apparently it rained so much that Noah’s Ark had actually set up shop near by. Image hosted by That night we all went to Dave and Busters for some food and fun. I ran the pool table for a while until I impaled myself on the cue stick. The power was still out when we got back to the hotel and remained out for the next couple days! We did switch to another hotel the next night which did have power though our floor was wet and soppy. Image hosted by The next two days we spent outside receiving all of our gear, loading the trailers and practicing driving the RV. It rained pretty much non stop the second day so that the setting and striking of the tent was more like a synchronized swimming event. Eventually the rain did subside and we were able to dry out our gear as we were chosen to set up our tent for a photo shoot. I didn’t get a picture of the tent yet but I did get a shot of some of the fleet. Image hosted by Having completed our training 8 of the RV teams hit the road to Louisville, KY for a big PR event. We went to Humana headquarters and had a big ribbon cutting ceremony with lots of people and media. You may see our picture in the paper because we are important and almost famous like. We parked all the RVs around a park there and let Humana people come inside and check them out. Here I am sporting my “Let’s Talk” pose. I know, I know, too sexy. Image hosted by I have to go shower and get ready to hit the road, so that’s all for now. Over and out!

    Training and Raining