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    This Old RV


    Some people have been asking about the inside of the RV, so here is a quick tour of our current home on wheels. First we have the cockpit where we sit while we are driving. It has a TV which we don’t watch while we are driving. We do listen to our ipod and to Rich who lives inside our GPS system and tells us when to turn right. Also you can take a nap on the dashboard, see. Image hosted by Behind the cockpit is the kitchen area. We have a stove, oven and microwave, the usual kitchen bits. Here are two pictures because I am HUNGRY. Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Also we have a tiny refrigerator luckily we have tiny mouths so our food fits in there nice and snug. It is not very cold though so we pretty much have to drink milk the same day or it gets CHUNKY. Image hosted by Across from the kitchen is the kitchen table which we usually utilize as the office. Here we are multi-tasking like busy little beavers. Actually we are just playing a high-tec version of battleship. YOU SUNK MY EMAIL! Image hosted by And here it is from another angle without our bodies clogging up the shot. Image hosted by Back a little further is the HEAD. You can guess what we do in there, OOPS I forgot to take my PANTS off, How embarrassing! Image hosted by Here we demonstrate why you should make sure to put on the emergency brake before getting in the shower. WHOA NELIE! Image hosted by I don’t have a good pictue of the bedroom, but imagine a bed in a room a couple inches bigger than the bed. Now stand up on the bed… BUMPH, OW. Oh, watch your head. Also we had a pet daddy long legs for a few days but tragically, he drowned in the sink so now we are all alone again how sad 🙁

    This Old RV