Things to be Thankful for


I am thankful for VACATION Vacation is an interesting concept when applied to a job that involves driving around the country all the time. Typically you look forward to a break from your daily routine, perhaps a bit of traveling followed by some relaxation and communion with friends and family. So it’s a little bit different when you are taking a break from constantly traveling to do some more traveling. Our plan was to drive the RV from IOWA to St Louis to drop it off at the dealers, fly from there to Baltimore, pack up our room so our friends could move in there for a bit, drive to VA to meet up with Anilia’s parents and then drive down to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. When we are done here we will be flying back to St Louis to finish out this phase of the tour.
I am thankful for DICKFER’S BOX Dickfer and Box were kind enough to pick us up at the airport and take us home and out for dinner. It was nice to meet Cindy after having been leaving sarcastic comments on her blog for a couple months. She was lots of fun and Dickfer was his usual sassy self. We zipped around town and to our house where we anticipated finding piles of cat poop piled up to the ceiling. Luckily the cat poop was placed into bags first and THEN piled up to the ceiling. We dropped off our bags gave the cats some pats, watched video of lock melting mayhem then headed over to Los Amigos for dinner. Dickfer pulled a U-eee swerved up to the curb and popped off his mini bling rim onto the sidewalk. I tossed it back in his car so he could pimp out his ride at a later date. He already has a subwoofer installed in his brake pads so he’s half way there.
 I am thankful for MEXICANS We roll up into Los Amigos for some Mexican fare and some sangria. Food was fab-tastic, drinks were divine and cell phone activity was high. Cindy topped off the night by attempting to eat the fruit from the sangria carafe, peel and all, much to our amusement.

I am thankful for MESS MOUNTAIN After dinner the dynamic duo dropped up off at the house and we began to clean up the wondrous mountain of magical mess our roomy was kind enough to leave for us. I should have took pictures, they would have been a great addition to this blog.

I am thankful for MR. CLEAN We had to spend an entire day scrubbing and sanitizing the kitchen to bring it up to prison standards so we could even consider making a sandwich in there. I later tried to talk to roomy at a moment when he wasn’t hiding in his room smoking. I thanked him for taking care of the cats and then the opposite of thanked him for letting the house turn into a disaster area. He seemed incapable or unwilling to acknowledge that there was anything wrong with the current state of affairs so I left the room rather than bang my head on desk and flail about like an injured fish being riddled by machine gun fire. Because no civilized person would bang their head on a desk and flail about like a fish being riddled by machine gun fire and I could think of no other logical alternative. Ahhh what a wonderful homecoming. Needless to say we decided we will not be continuing on the next phase of the tour after all. Clearly we need to be at the house and not out making money on the road.

I am thankful for WAGGLY DOGS

So after a couple days of house cleaning I got some new tires, replaced the corroded battery in the Jeep and we headed on down to Ron and Ann’s. Upon our arrival we were greeted by waggly dogs and a smattering of cats. Luckily their house was pretty clean so we were able to relax and enjoy some conversation.
I am thankful for VEGITARIAN TURKEY & KOSHER WINE We got up bright and early and made our way down to Atlanta for Thanksgiving festivities. We’ve had a great time hanging out with everyone eating and drinking various fine wines and being merry. Having lots of laughs, Bush Bashing and Looney Tunes in German echoing through the house. Now we get to be lazy for a couple days until we fly back to St Louis and continue the tour.
I am thankful for HATING ANILIA’S PHONE In cell phone news it looks like Anilia is leaning towards switching to either T-mobile or Cingular. Anyone have any experience good or bad with either of these?
I am thankful for GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH

Things to be Thankful for

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