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A graphic featuring two portraits with a blue and green color filter. On the left, a person with long hair, glasses, and a denim jacket smiles at the camera. On the right, a close-up of a person with short hair, hoop earrings, and a sleeveless top also smiles. Both images have a green banner in the top corners with the text "Welcome to the Team!" in bold blue letters. The background of both portraits shows an outdoor setting with trees.

Meet the Interns

We’re excited to welcome to the team, two summer interns from ​Western Carolina University​ this June. Please join us in welcoming Hannah and Madison! Click through for some fun info from each of them.

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A large sign displayed on a conference table in a modern meeting room. The sign reads "Person County Tourism Development Authority Sign Standards Manual April 2024" and features a colorful design with a landscape, a street sign, and a mural of a mill. The background shows large windows with a scenic view and several empty office chairs around the table.

Case Study – It’s Better in Person: Designing Wayfinding

Discover how Hornsby Creative and J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning transformed wayfinding in Person County. By blending modern design with local heritage, this collaboration enhanced navigational efficiency and community identity. Learn about our strategic process, community engagement, and the outstanding results that set a new standard for county wayfinding signage.

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Transparent pump bottle with the label "Brown Mountain Bodywork" placed on a reflective surface with a white flower arrangement in a vase to the left and a framed anatomical drawing of a human figure in the background. The scene is illuminated by natural light coming from a window on the left.

Case Study – Brown Mountain Bodywork

Our unique Discover, Design, & Deliver positions Brown Mountain Bodywork for an increase in ideal client engagement while attracting more stable, committed team. A case study of growth, innovation, and success.

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data codes through eyeglasses

AI Chat Model Comparison

I independently asked Chat GPT, Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini each to do a comparative feature and sentiment analysis between these models and Anthropic’s Claude. I then fed all three responses to Claude and asked it to synthesize them into a simple comparison giving consideration to the usefulness to the average small business. I then used Claude and then Chat GPT Plus to turn that into a quiz in HTML. The results are in this post.

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