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brand archetype portrais of the heroic sage. A man with glasses, beard and turban in posterized shades of green and teal.

Hornsby Creative The Heroic Sage

In the realm of brand archetypes, Hornsby Creative Group embodies a powerful fusion of two influential forces: the Hero and the Sage. This unique combination shapes our brand identity and guides our approach to helping businesses overcome challenges and achieve greatness.

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posterized image of a magician holding a magic hat with hears and magic dust rising out of it. All in green and teal tones.

Unleashing the Magic of Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is not just about slapping a logo on your website and calling it a day. It’s about creating a captivating narrative that ignites emotions and leaves your audience craving for more. It’s your chance to showcase your brand’s unique personality and connect with your audience on a profound level. So, let’s unlock the secrets of mastering the art of brand storytelling!

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Designer John Hornsby sits inside of a chalk drawn circular geometry design on the concrete ground.

Beauty of Proportions in Design

Discover how incorporating fundamental proportions from nature and mathematics into design can create visually appealing work that achieves specific goals. Explore the relationship between proportion and beauty in architecture, graphic design, and branding.

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bold white text reading "why strategy comes before design" a white arrow truns and points to the words and some color stripes are on the edges.

Why Strategy Comes First in Design

I spent 25 years working in event marketing, and sign companies. The interesting thing about wearing the hats of consultant/designer/project manager in that world was I got to work with a wide range of other designers.

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