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Wall graphic design of a long chevron arrow that wraps around corners and up the stairwell with inspirational messaging,

Wayfinding Signs and Environmental Graphic Design

John Hornsby brings 25+ years of expertise in experiential signage and branding, leading teams with a focus on human-centered experiences in environmental graphic design. His innovative approach, blending artistry and functionality, has transformed spaces into engaging, navigable experiences. As a leader and advocate for community and design, John’s work is at the intersection of creativity and practicality, setting Hornsby Creative Group apart in crafting inspiring, wayfinding solutions.

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Cover of the 'Rebranding Success Guide', depicting a scenic landscape of the Appalachian and Smoky Mountains with digital marketing elements like a laptop and social media icons. The cover resembles a travel guide, symbolizing a journey of branding and marketing success, targeted towards established businesses and marketing professionals.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Rebranding Success

In the heart of our work at Hornsby Creative, we’ve discovered that rebranding is much more than a mere change of logos or colors; it’s a rebirth of your brand’s essence. Each time we guide a client through this transformative process, it’s like witnessing the first rays of sunrise over the Smokies – filled with promise and new beginnings. The culmination of this process is not just an achievement; it’s the starting point of a brand’s new life. That’s why we ensure our clients are equipped with a comprehensive New Brand Launch Checklist – it’s the map to navigate the exciting terrain ahead.

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A serene and inspiring image of a well-worn path through a lush, green Appalachian forest, leading towards a mountain peak bathed in golden sunlight. Subtle symbols of design, such as a compass and sketches, are integrated into the natural landscape, representing the strategic and creative journey in collaborating with designers.

Navigating the Creative Wilderness

At Hornsby Creative, we understand that reaching a growth inflection point means navigating new terrain – often requiring a seasoned guide to help chart the course. That’s where a brand strategist and designer come in, guiding you along the trail ahead.

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Posterized Image of John Hornsby Experience Designer and Brand Strategist

Summer Strategy Special

Don’t let the summer season slow you down. Paddle in for the opportunity to grow and thrive with our Summer Strategy Special at Hornsby Creative.

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