With over 25 years designing and building branded experiences, we've learned a thing or two about what works. Having spent decades in the trenches acting a liaison between architects, developers, tenants, design teams and municipalities, we can advocate for you as we distill the complex into a clear system. Together as we'll help navigate designing and implementing your next branded experience.


Design rendering of a branded environmentl shows a lobby with wall stripping and window graphics

So what is environmental graphic design anyway?

Is it just signs and paint or is there more than meets the eye going on here? 

If you think the word “just” belongs alongside “signs and paint” then let us share that it’s not nearly as simple as that sounds. Talk to anyone who has to spent significant time in that world and they will likely tell you it is one of the most complex industries around. In any design project involving physical space, there are hundreds of material and finish types, production methods, and environmental considerations that come into play. A myriad of details can be combined innumerable ways that can lead to success or disaster. Not to mention laying the groundwork through strategic discovery and design. This leads to the aesthetic and practical application of a brand’s “vibe” to transform space into a purpose-driven container.  A container strategically designed to lead your audience to your desired outcome.

Environmental graphic design is a multidisciplinary approach to creating spaces that combine graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design elements.

Learning the multitude of methods and environmental design can take decades of practice. And that is exactly what we have done. Having spent over 25 years in the production design of interior and exterior environments, we’ve learned how to elevate traditional graphic design and sign shop outputs into transformative experiences. We break the boundaries of traditional signs and graphics seeing the full environment as a canvas to be sculpted, decorated and designed into an optimal place to learn, work or play.

What is the purpose of environmental graphic design?

Environmental graphic design brings a story into a built space through materials, colors, typography, signage, and other elements to transform an otherwise neutral area into something immersive and informative. In corporate interiors, the goal may be to entertain, inspire and inform people as they interact with an office setting. Ultimately we work with you to create an environment supportive of the intended activities to take place there.

According to a popular workplace architecture study called Workplace Strategies and Human Performance, “moods create the ‘affective context’ for thought processes and behaviors are directly tied to motivation.” In other words, how we treat space matters. On both a conscious and a subconscious level, the environment affects the outcome.

What does environmental graphic design typically include?

  • Site survey and prep
  • Graphic printing
  • Graphic art installations
  • Dimensional lettering and symbols
  • Etched graphics
  • Vinyl wall coverings
  • Painted wals and surfaces
  • Lighting integration & installation
  • Dimensional signage fabrication + finishing
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Sculpture sourcing or fabrication
  • Artistic decor
  • Many more services

Our process in a nutshell goes like this:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Site assessment and discovery session
  3. Proposal of the scope of design solution
  4. Generate inspiration and mood references
  5. Generate design plan
  6. Work through revisions and iterations
  7. Assist in sourcing and overseeing the implementation
  8. Post project follow up and review

How it's priced.

The first initial phone consultation is free.

Our on-site consultation, discovery, and follow-up is $450 plus travel expenses (if more than 30 minutes drive from our location) to schedule a half-day engagement. Plan ahead. We are often booked well in advance.

Part of the follow-up deliverable of that engagement is a custom design proposal with scope and price for your specific needs. The budget range of this service can vary widely depending on the size and nature of the environment. A single room will fit most budgets while a section of town or campus would be a larger level of engagement. You can read more about our pricing here.

How long does a project take?

The rule of thumb that everything will take at least twice as long as you think it will is probably true. The design phase can run from several weeks to several months depending on the scope and complexity of the job. We also may be booked weeks or months in advance of our next start date. After the design, it will also take time for production partners to produce and install work. They also make take several weeks to several months. Therefore the overall timeline of your project from start to installation can range from two to six months or more. Don’t make the same painful mistake that so many do of waiting until it is too late to act.

Does the design fee include the actual physically installed graphics?

No. Our fee is for design and assistance on project managing the implementation of the graphics. You gain the value of our expertise and industry relationships with vetted and trusted partners. We work for you and advocate on your behalf. We will help coordinate with production partners to quote, produce and install your environmental design package.

Our satisfied clients want you to know.


We work with your existing branding to develop an experiential sign and graphics plan for both your interior and your exterior storefront.  If you don’t have existing branding yet, we can combine this with a branding package for a comprehensive deal.


Review of permitting requirements for your location to determine what is allowable.

Develop a sign and graphic plan that is authentic to your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Develop sign design drawings that can be used to obtain estimates and permits.

Help steward the process between sign and graphics vendors, architects, contractors, installers, and permitting.

Comprehensive wayfinding packages are quoted per project after a  consultation meeting and site / plan review.


We work with you on planning an engaging experience for your virtual, hybrid or in-person event. We can help brand the event, the physical and digital experience and develop tactile ways to infuse joy and connection. We’ll brainstorm a plan to make your next event an experience that is memorable and impactful.


Discovery session to understand the DNA of your brand, event, venue, and audience. 

Develop branded experience guidelines and graphics to include:

Design templates for social media for Facebook cover, Facebook post, Instagram carousel post, Instagram static post, Instagram story, plus more as needed.

Don’t drown in details. Embrace growth and results. Our retainer plans free you from the overwhelm of ongoing needs, multi-phase projects, and constant consultations. Focus on what matters – we’ll handle the rest. Let’s tailor a plan that delivers outcomes, not just billable hours.

Elevate your physical brand presence. From environments to wayfinding and events, our experience packs turn spaces into engaging stories. With 25+ years crafting brand experiences, we simplify your journey from vision to reality. Partner with us for impactful branded moments.

Your brand speaks for you. Let’s make it resonate. Discover your story and connect with your ideal audience. With decades of experience, we’ll shape your brand narrative into a growth engine. Your brand, your success – let’s build it together!

Ignite engagement. Elevate events to peak performance. Our branded merchandise solutions turn occasions into lasting memories. Whether packages or single items, we fuse strategy with fulfillment, sparking raves, renewals, and brand loyalty. Let’s create moments that matter.