We're experienced in delivering creative visual design work that drives meaningful connections. With over 25 years professional experience from ground level to management, we’ve helped businesses large and small figure out their story and how to tell it. We've served as a leaders of teams in sales, design and production. We've spent countless hours of hands on time on the production floor creating tangible products from event props to signs to packaging. We've helped concieve engaging experiences both online and off. And we've designed and built branded spaces that combine signage and decor to make memorable and shareworthy experiences. We’ve seen a lot of things work and found new ways to fail. One thing we’ve learned is there is no one size fits all model to success. We listen deeply to understand, then help focus, plan, research and execute.


Hornsby Creative - Creative Packs

How we price

Whether it’s strategizing marketing and communications, delivering creative visual design,  or hands-on creation of tangible products, we’re here to help. Together we’ll discover, design and deliver your next branded experience.

We listen deeply to understand, then help focus, plan, research, and execute. Our strategy-first approach helps our clients relate to the marketplace and elevate their bottom line. We are relationship-focused more than transactional-focused.

As such we want to help you grow over the long term and by extension, grow with you. Our success depends on your success. So we practice value-based pricing. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), you should base your marketing and graphic design budget on a percentage of your revenue. Depending on your industry and stage of business, the recommended average amount is 10% of gross revenue. 

Depending on the size and stage of your business, we can work with you to create package pricing for ongoing engagements, branded experiences, logo & branding, and ongoing monthly to annual support. We also understand the importance of not wasting anyone’s time and having a baseline point of reference. For this reason, we recommend a minimum level of engagement in the range of $5-$10K as a baseline starting point. This can be spread between our strategy, design, and branded merchandise offerings over the course of several months.

Click any of those options below to learn more. We are happy to custom quote projects and a la carte services based on your specific needs.

"John was great to work with! He was professional, helpful, and completed my logo in a timely manner. He really took the time to learn exactly what I wanted as far as a design."
Shannon Todd
Owner – Deep Roots Marriage & Family Counseling, PLLC

If you have ongoing needs, complex multi-phase projects, or regular consultation then an ongoing retainer plan is the way to go. We have three basic levels to choose from. We focus more on results than hours. When we work with you to determine the scope of your needs and desired outcomes we can help select the plan that is the best fit.

With over 25 years of designing and building branded experiences, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works. Having spent decades in the trenches acting as a liaison between architects, developers, tenants, design teams, and municipalities, we can advocate for you as we distill the complex into a clear system. Together we’ll help navigate designing and implementing your next branded experience.

With decades of professional experience, we’ve helped businesses large and small figure out their stories and how to tell them. How people think and feel about your business is your brand. We take a thoughtful approach to getting to know the heart and soul of your business and your ideal customer. Where those two intersect is the sweet spot from which we design your brand.

Choose between custom event packages or standalone products. Our “Do it for you” service takes a consultative strategy approach. We combine branded merch, facilitation, and fulfillment to create branded event toolkits. Let’s inspire your community to show up and buy in, then rave, renew and recruit.

"John Hornsby you are just amazing at what you do. We were complete strangers and you still grasped my intention and the message I provide with my business. I’m grateful to work with such a genius. Thank you!💥💥"
Rachel Kaplan Sandone
Owner – Higher Health Now

Don’t drown in details. Embrace growth and results. Our retainer plans free you from the overwhelm of ongoing needs, multi-phase projects, and constant consultations. Focus on what matters – we’ll handle the rest. Let’s tailor a plan that delivers outcomes, not just billable hours.

Elevate your physical brand presence. From environments to wayfinding and events, our experience packs turn spaces into engaging stories. With 25+ years crafting brand experiences, we simplify your journey from vision to reality. Partner with us for impactful branded moments.

Your brand speaks for you. Let’s make it resonate. Discover your story and connect with your ideal audience. With decades of experience, we’ll shape your brand narrative into a growth engine. Your brand, your success – let’s build it together!

Ignite engagement. Elevate events to peak performance. Our branded merchandise solutions turn occasions into lasting memories. Whether packages or single items, we fuse strategy with fulfillment, sparking raves, renewals, and brand loyalty. Let’s create moments that matter.