Connection Kits Division rebrands as Peak Promo

Discover Hornsby Creative's exciting transition from Connection Kits to Peak Promo. Dive into our renewed commitment to elevating brands through curated merchandise in a digital age. Chart a journey with us to brand mastery.


Peak Promo Branded Coffee Mug Outdoor

Taking Brands to New Heights: The Evolution of Peak Promo by Hornsby Creative

There’s something thrilling about reaching a summit. It signifies both an achievement and the beginning of a new journey. Today, we’re excited to share a similar milestone for our own brand story.

From Connection Kits to Peak Promo

As you may know, Hornsby Creative has always been in the business of elevating brands with meticulously crafted solutions. But now, we’re turning a new leaf, signaling both a milestone in our journey and the onset of an even more exciting path.


Our promo division, initially began as Connection Kits, emerging during the Covid 19 pandemic, a time when the world felt isolated. We sought to bridge this gap by introducing tangible touchpoints to virtual spaces. The goal was simple but profound: spread joy and turn audiences into connected communities of raving fans.

a couple standing on a majestic mountain peak ymbolizing the journey and heights one can achieve with the right brand strategy

As time went on, our vision expanded. While our branded event kits are still turning heads and hearts, our mission has broadened. Now, we’re laser-focused on propelling brands in sectors like craft beverages, outdoor industries, education, trades, and healthcare to their peak performance through our thoughtfuly curated promotional merchandise.


Guiding Your Brand’s Ascent with Strategy

We pride ourselves on not being just another vendor in the crowd. We’re your strategic partner, steadfast in our commitment to creating brand experiences that resonate, engage, and inspire. Every promotional piece we design is aligned with your distinctive brand strategy, a milestone on a path to keep your brand top of mind with your ideal your clients.



Crafting Genuine Connections

Generic swag? Not on our watch. Our tailored merchandise offerings aim to reinforce the essence of your brand. We’re in the business of crafting collections that not only represent your brand but deepen the bond between you and your audience. Each item we curate is more than just a giveaway; it’s a waypoint along the journey of your brand’s unfolding saga.

Our Pledge: Unwavering Craftsmanship and Quality


At Hornsby Creative, we believe haste leads to waste. We dwell in the details, ensuring that each product stands as a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship reinforcing the high value our clients offer. While keeping your budget in the spotlight, our suggestions are always tailored to resonate with your specific goals and strategy.


Embark on a Journey to Brand Mastery


Ready to convert casual onlookers into devoted fans? Eager to boost team morale with promotional merchandise that truly aligns with your vision? Explore our offerings or reach out to plot your strategic course. Together, we’ll ascend to unparalleled brand heights.



Cut through the Digital Noise

In this digital age, where screens dominate and AI conversations are becoming the norm, the increasing importance of a tactile essence of a brand can’t be overstated. Physical marketing through swag and branded environments stands out, making a lasting impression in this ever-evolving landscape.

Reach out today. Let’s take that pivotal step to ensure your brand doesn’t just exist, but thrives at peak potential.

Connection Kits Division rebrands as Peak Promo

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