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    Pancakes, Yoga and Used Car Sales


    We made the journey back home to our place a few days back. This time we found the house in much better shape than our last homecoming. Big thanks to Christopher and Scott for cleaning up and having pancakes and a fire waiting for us on our arrival. We’ve enjoyed some time visiting with friends, over the past few days. Had dinner with Ful-O-Pep’s Jeremy a few nights ago. Went out with Jeremy, Dickfer and visited his breasts spewing milk froth all over the barista cage at Barnes & Noble. We sat and read passages from HOT SANTA over half calf mochas and decaf espressos. We went to Hot Vinyasa yoga a few nights back and are still a bit sore but ready to go back for more tomorrow. And I sold my Jeep. So now we are back to being a 1 car couple. I sold the Jeep back to Carmax for a little more than I still owed on it which worked out just great for me.

    We went out last night with Jeremy, Scott & Missy and went to the New Haven Lounge to see some jazz. We had missed being able to go here while away. Unfortunately the band last night I did not really care for. They sounded like the rhythm section and the melody were riding on separate levels of a double decker bus which was slowly being shorn in twain by Santa Clause coming down from a Claratin overdose. Actually it didn’t sound anything like that, but it sure was a fun sentence huh? I like free jazz but this was just like they were not at all connected. We left there and went to XS which is a pretentious little club with crappie house music DJ’s and lousy service but they have decent food. Finally we left the to go to Club Chuck for a bit which is also pretentious and crappie but instead of food the have lots of cigarette smoke.

    Also I got Ful-O-Pep a ring for Christmas. Which is being custom made. So we just got back from the jewelers going over the final details for the design and picked up our bands which we had plated as the white gold was wearing off of them. The new ring will be pretty cool and is designed so that the existing band fits inside of it like a puzzle ring. So now it is New Years Eve and we are relaxing after a nice breakfast at Morning Edition which is not pretentious or crappie and has great food. And you get to be waited on by the best sax player in Baltimore.

    Overall 2005 has treated us well personally, though been a pretty bad year on the big picture level of things as far as disasters and politics go. Here’s hoping 2006 will bring us all some goodness. In a couple days we will be in the Bahamas so that’s a good way to start. Yes I had to rub it in.

    Pancakes, Yoga and Used Car Sales