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    Outside of the Box #1


    This is number one in a current series of digital artworks. It represents man made compartmentalization being subdivided and stacked on itself. Symbolic of modern development, cubicle office life and the social tendency to place people and things into neat little boxes. However the more we try and place our organic and mysterious experience into stereotypical classifications, the more it becomes apparent that things do not fit so nicely and neatly into perfectly arranged compartments. In fact as we attempt to analyze things down to their core and classify them to the nth degree, nature has a tendency to break down under such scrutiny and present more interesting anomalies that challenge our previous deductions about the nature of reality. Tunnels and doorways open up into previously unfathomable dimensions and possibilities. Eventually our own structured belief systems must melt away to make room for these new and unexpected realizations.

    Outside of the Box #1