Our New Digs


The past couple weeks have been pretty busy. We have been getting all packed up to move. Our friends Annie & Sean got married two days ago. Boojum was a bridesmaid and the wedding went great. It was at Chase Court which is a really amazing space. Our friend Marc had a baby shower yesterday and it suddenly became summer and got hot as fire. SoWeBo was also yesterday, but we did not have time to attend.

Tomorrow we move into our new apartment and will actually be living without a roommate for the first time since we got married. I mean not counting the last 8 months we spent in an RV or hotel rooms. The new place is in Charles Village and is a pretty sweet apartment. It will be nice to get in there and settle in to our new pad. We both have several job possibilities in the works and are soon starting classes to get licensed in life and health insurance. Also we signed up for motorcycle classes which take place in July.

Looks like we will be camping out at a motorcycle rally with Boojum’s folks this weekend. So that should be a blast. Luckily we haven’t started new jobs yet, because right now we are just way to busy to work. Of course the money that comes along with that will be needed soon, so I guess we will have to buckle down in the near future.

We won’t have internet for a week or so, so I figured I’d slap up a little posty post to say hey we are alive and back in Baltimore and rearin’ to go! It’s late and I’m tired. My wit is already in bed, snoring like an old cat. I should go join it.

Our New Digs

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