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    Old Time Music


    Currently we are in Atlanta and will be for a couple weeks. Luckily for us Anilia’s got fam here so we’ve been hanging with Joel and Lisa on and off. Our first night here with them was Joel’s birthday. Joel is an accomplished percussionist/drummer and is now officially old. SO to celebrate this momentous occasion we put together and old time music kit for him. First we purchases the necessary ingredients from WALMART, of which there were two: 1) Geriatric toilet support system 2) Little kids percussion kit with flame paint job drum, maracas, mini tambourine and itty bitty drum stick bit Toss in a pinch of cable ties to hold it all together and we have an instant birthday present. Here it is fully assembled and in place. Image hosted by Anilia takes it for a test drive to make sure all parts are in order. Image hosted by
    So once we have it in place we just have to wait for Joel to get home and go to the bathroom. He does come home after some time but apparently does not have to answer the call of nature and is much more interested in preparing his crab leg dinner. In getting together the necessary elements for dinner he realizes that we need the all important beer ingredient. So Joel and I hop in the car and head to the liquor store to pick up some brewskies. We get back and at this point Lisa is losing patience waiting for Joel to go to the bathroom. So she asks him if he can go retrieve from soap for Anilia, who is you know… dirty. Joel and his bladder of steel tell Lisa where she can find the soap, much to her chagrin. After some persistence on her part she finally nudges Joel into the bathroom where he discovers his new throne adornment. Being the good sport he is, he poses for a picture for us, showing off his enormous black thumbs.. Image hosted by Afterwards we have the birthday crab legs and finish off with a variety of scrumptious desert items and cognac. Here I am displaying my exquisite taste. Image hosted by

    Old Time Music