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    Mall Realizations


    After spending a multitude of hours in the mall I have come to several realizations about life, the universe and everything.

    1. I hate teenagers, it may comfort them to know this: None of you are cool, so please stop trying. It is just embarrassing to the species. You are all gangly, clumsy idiots. The sooner you embrace this fact, the better for all of us.
    2. No matter where you go there are fat girls in belly shirts. This needs to stop. Seriously.
    3. Even old conservative republicans who voted for Bush, now hate Bush. I only wish it was comforting to say I told you so.
    4. Another note on teenagers. Get a life. Do you really have nothing better to do on a Sat night than walk or run around in circles in the mall until you get kicked out at closing and then hang out at the exit of the mall hoping some girl will have sex with you if you make fun of her? When I was a kid performed valuable learning exercises like the the combined effects of hallucinogens and bicycles.
    5. I don’t ever want to be the old guy who spends every day at the mall wandering around because he has no family and nothing else to occupy his time. Seriously if you see me wandering around the mall everyday when I am 80, please just shoot me.
    6. Also if you ever see me dressed as a security guard at the mall, or walking around with a broom and a dustpan. Please shoot me, rush me to the hospital so they can resuscitate me. Make sure I have a pulse and then shoot me again.
    7. I really do not know how any of these shops stay in business. They must all be fronts for some sort of mafia operation because they hardly ever have any customers. If the malls are any sort of indicator for the American economy at large I would sell all of your stocks and invest in China. In fact if the daily news is any sort of indicator I would recommend the same.
    8. Did you know they now have electronic caricature artist machines? This is just creepy on some level. I’m not sure why. It just is.
    9. OK, if your child is big enough to put it’s feet down and bring the stroller you are pushing to a halt, it is time for their fat ass to get out and walk.
    10. If your child is throwing themselves on the floor screaming and crying. Do not continue to stroll along window shopping and ignoring them while the rest of us have to endure their cries of misery. Please put your child up for adoption and shoot yourself. You are not fit to be a parent. I just saw you pushing him by two hours ago stuffing a soft pretzel, an ice cream and a soda in it’s face. Now it is all cracked out on sugar and caffeine and suffering neurological damage from being forced to spiral around in the unholy vortex of a mall for three hours. Do not escalate things further by screaming at your kid. The child is having a perfectly normal and logical reaction to the fucked up situation you have placed it in. Please leave the mall, go get some fresh air and stop pumping your kid full of junk. Next time consider saving some money and going for a walk in the park, maybe look at some trees instead of half sized belly shirts that you simply do not belong in.

    And this weeks fashion prize goes to the fat girl in flip flops and sweat pants brandishing the t-shirt emblazoned with the words “IF YOUR RICH, I”M SINGLE”!

    P.S. No offense to all of the fat bottom girls out there. You are all beautiful in your own way. Unless your way involves a belly shirt, that’s all I’m saying.

    Mall Realizations