Long Live the King, The King is Dead


The King of Prussia Mall that is. Today is our last day of this mall tour. It is a bit more anti-climatic than the end of our last tour. That is mostly because this tour has been very easy and very boring. The last one had lots of harrowing adventures and ridiculous circumstances which made it more tiring and more work but also more fun. Spending every day bouncing back and forth between a hotel and the mall is just mind numbing. I mean look at this blog. Already I am seven sentences and one fragment in and I haven’t said anything interesting or funny yet. Because, my mind has turned into a grey slate of nothingness. MEH
But now the real adventure begins. Where will we work? Where will we live? Can we clean the house by Sunday, when the landlord is bringing people by to look at it? Will we have any money left in a week? Oh and we still have another event to do in NY so while we are packing and looking for work and apartments we have to go do one more event in NY and then drive everything back down to Miami and try to spend a couple days relaxing on the beach while wondering (return to top of paragraph here and repeat until your head explodes)
We do have some interviews lines up so we will see what pans out. This reminds me. I should stop wasting time on MySpace and make a couple phone calls. Gotta go!
Long Live the King, The King is Dead

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