Hornsby Creative AI Policy

At Hornsby Creative, we believe in the power of AI to enhance our creative and strategic capabilities, but not at the expense of ethical integrity and respect for human ingenuity.


The image is a sepia-toned photograph that creates a vintage scene, depicting a man with a beard and a flat cap, wearing a vest and glasses, attentively working on a project at a desk. Beside him stands a robot with a humanoid shape, featuring a boxy torso with dials, gauges, and levers, and a head with multiple round lenses for eyes. The robot appears to be assisting the man, holding a magnifying glass over the document the man is examining. The setting looks like an old-fashioned workshop filled with various tools and work-related clutter, evoking a sense of early 20th-century inventiveness and steampunk

Our stance on Generative AI

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the creative landscape, Hornsby Creative remains committed to harnessing this technology responsibly. Our AI Policy serves as a guiding framework, ensuring that our use of AI tools in brand strategy, identity design, marketing, and delivery is ethically grounded, transparent, and aligned with our strategic objectives. We recognize the potential of AI to augment human creativity and efficiency, and this policy outlines our approach to integrating AI into our operations with mindfulness and integrity.

Guiding Principle

"At Hornsby Creative, we believe in the power of AI to enhance our creative and strategic capabilities, but not at the expense of ethical integrity and respect for human ingenuity. Our guiding principle is to employ AI technologies that adhere to our high ethical standards, focusing on contributing positively to our clients' goals while maintaining transparency, legal compliance, and respect for intellectual property. We are dedicated to continually evaluating the ethical implications of AI tools and prefer those with robust ethical guardrails. Through this policy, we aim to harness the benefits of AI responsibly, ensuring it serves as a collaborator, not a replacement, in our creative endeavors."

Hornsby Creative Ethical AI Policy

Ethical Use and Transparency

Ethical Guardrails: Use AI tools focusing on styles and movements, adhering to ethical guidelines. Avoid referencing single specific artists or single specific works. Maintain an awareness of the ethical stances of various AI models and employ those that meet our minimum ethical standards. Prefer AI models that make reasonable efforts to have ethical guardrails in place over those that do not, especially for commercial work.

Transparency with Clients: Clearly communicate AI usage in projects, including potential learning from client data. Offer opt-in/opt-out options during client onboarding.

Creative Process and AI Integration

Brand Strategy and Identity Design: AI assists in compiling discovery session results, sentiment analysis, and competitive analysis. We may use AI collaboratively for brainstorming, exploring and refining brand identity elements and strategies.

Copyright Compliance and Fair Use: Use tools like Google’s search-by-image for copyright checks. Employ iterative prompting strategies to ensure new imagery is sufficiently altered for fair use considerations.

Legal Compliance and Ethical Guidelines: Always err on the side of legal compliance, ethical guidelines, respect for copyright, and the dignity of human contribution and creativity.

Marketing and Content Generation

Enhancing Marketing Strategies: We may use AI for language crafting, proposals, and content generation, both internally and for clients, focusing on current trends and content repurposing.

Human-AI Collaboration: AI is a collaborator, not a replacement. Ensure human intelligence directs, refines, and approves AI-assisted work.

Data Use and Client Privacy

Client Data in AI Models: Inform clients about potential use of their data in AI model training and associated risks. Acknowledge limitations in ensuring ethical and secure use of third-party models.

Research and SEO

Generative Search and SEO Strategies: Adapt SEO strategies in response to generative search changes. Use AI-assisted research, cross-verifying with traditional methods as necessary.

Education and Expertise

Ongoing Training: Conduct workshops and stay updated with the latest AI developments through key newsletters, articles and trusted media sources.

Collaboration: Follow the work of AI professionals and stay informed about the latest research and developments in the field.

Specific Procedures

Documentation and Record-Keeping: Keep detailed AI job diaries on projects, documenting tools used, prompts given, and promoting tool and strategy recommendations as part of brand identity guidelines.

Risk Assessment: Regularly assess risks associated with AI use, particularly in terms of data privacy and intellectual property.

Policy Governance and Review

Responsibility and Review: Company management to oversee policy adherence, with quarterly reviews and updates.

Feedback and Evaluation: Collect feedback on AI use from clients and the public. Assess policy effectiveness based on customer feedback, quality of work, and audits.

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