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    Fantastic Springfield


    Friday was a day of much traveling. We stayed in a KOA RV Park on Thursday night and were neighbors with Paris and Delwin who are on one of the other teams that we became buddy buddy with. We had a nice cookout and the Wilthrap brothers (another tour team) came by as well. Friday morning we all had breakfast together along with the Wilthraps’ parentals who also are a tour team. We had a great time and lots of laughs. Our waitress Jo was yuking it up right along with us. Anilia and I then proceeded to drive about 10 hours from Clarksville, IN past St Louis where we had started and on to Springfield, MO. Image hosted by Checked in around midnight and went straight to bed thoroughly exhausted. Image hosted by Saturday we had the day off so we went to go check out Battlefield Mall where we will be working Mon-Wed. However we got distracted by the signs for Fantastic Caverns which has a Jeep tour that drives you through the caverns. So we ended up going there instead. Our tour guide talked like an auctioneer super fast and was prettty funny too. Image hosted by Afterwards we picked up some supplies at Lowes and Walmart, the later of which we have spent more time and money in over the past few days than I think I HAVE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. And we haven’t even started the promotions at the WALMARTS yet. But the KOA we are at here in Springfield has these cool cow sculptures out front, see. Image hosted by Mmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    Fantastic Springfield