Case Study – Deep Roots Logo Re-Brand

Learn how we helped purpose-driven Deep Roots rebrand to achieve their business goals through our tailored design solutions. This case study showcase our expertise in Logo Design, Business Branding, and Promotional Graphics. See the results we've achieved and how we can help your business.


Case Study - Deep Roots Rebrand

I recently had the pleasure in working with Deep Roots Marriage and Family Counseling on a rebrand of their logo and identity design. 

When we started, Deep Roots had an existing logo that had worked for the owner as she launched her business. But after several years of growth it became apparent that it was time for a more professional refresh. Here is what the old logo looked like:

Let me share a little about the process. After our initial meeting and agreement to work together, I had Shannon fill out a questionnaire I like to use first. The purpose is to help discover what motivates my clients, who their target audience is, what their mission and values are and where they see them selves currently and future forward. Then we followed up to review the results of that and dig in a little deeper. From there I researched other professionals in her field as well as trends with her target audience. Only then, with a deep understanding of these things do we move onto starting the design. In the absence of this foundational work, we are dealing with pure subjectivity. What I think look good. Or what the client thinks looks good. But not necessarily what is authentic to the brand, resonate with the audience and effective in the marketplace.

Shannon provides a safe a nurturing space for her clients. As we worked through my discovery process we began to hone in on a few elements of authentic meaning. The tree was a core element of the existing old logo and remained an obvious and desired metaphor with the “Roots” in the name. It is suggestive of the holistic environment she provides. Tress are an ecosystem unto themselves that provide safe haven for various forms of life as well as protection, shade and support. Trees grow in their own way, patiently and as they should.

First I put together a mood board which is a collection of images, colors and words which serve as a general guidepost for feel and vibe. From there I generated about 10 -15 very rough concept pencil sketches. Some of those go straight in the trash can and some make the cut to go to the client for review. I had Shannon pick her favorite ones and also to note her 3 least favorite ones and together we explored why some elements felt right or wrong. Then we could move on to more finished design concepts.

Here are some of the rough pencil sketches of some preliminary ideas we explored using elements of the tree.

 Having agreed on general color palette, potential content and style, we picked a few of the rough sketches to develop further into potential final logos. Here are the ones that did not make the final cut. But you will see that some of the elements did get developed into the final. (Click below to enlarge)

The colors, watercolor texture and script font were elements we felt represented her authentic voice and would resonate with her target audience. Cool calming aquamarine and lavender pallet suggest both trustworthiness and calming support.

For the final version, I made sure to include multiple variations of the logo to allow for the flexibility that various media applications require. The wavy accent footer is an additional brand element that can used as part of a logo lockup or independently elsewhere in the branding. The full color version of the design works on both white and black background. Also included were some custom watercolor texture patters to be incorporated as accents.

Also included was a full style guide that could be handed off to anyone internally or externally to ensure consistency as the brand rolled out into various media applications. 

John was great to work with! He was professional, helpful, and completed my logo in a timely manner. He really took the time to learn exactly what I wanted as far as a design.
Shannon Todd
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

If you’ve outgrown your current branding, let’s talk. I’ll guide you through a collaborative process of discovery and design that is easy and fun. 

Case Study – Deep Roots Logo Re-Brand

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