company, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.

Doodle of the day number 9
pen and marker on the back of a paper flyer

My friend Sarah requested an explanation of this one, so allow me to elaborate.

Ok so we have the obvious nod to little miss muffet sitting on her tuffet. But instead we have some relative of the smurf species sitting against a big thumb. No curds and weigh, just a radioactive candy heart which probably taste better but is definitely not good for you. Alas, through a cruel evolutionary oversight our smurf like creature has no arms or means by which to embrace and consume the deadly candy heart. Not to mention the common cartoon affliction of being drawn without genitals. So he must resign himself to sitting amongst the reeds and thumb and gazing longingly at the confectionery organ. Along comes the spider to sit down beside her.. er, it. And one would infer from past history in the next moment our smurfy friend would run away, but perhaps he’s too depressed to muster the effort. And so he remains in the strange company into which he has found himself drawn.

So yeah, I’m not sure that cleared anything up.


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