Case Study – Brown Mountain Bodywork

Our unique Discover, Design, & Deliver positions Brown Mountain Bodywork for an increase in ideal client engagement while attracting more stable, committed team. A case study of growth, innovation, and success.


Transparent pump bottle with the label "Brown Mountain Bodywork" placed on a reflective surface with a white flower arrangement in a vase to the left and a framed anatomical drawing of a human figure in the background. The scene is illuminated by natural light coming from a window on the left.

From Pain to Performance: How Brown Mountain Bodywork's Rebrand Positions Them for Growth

In the competitive wellness industry, aligning a brand with its core audience and internal team is crucial for sustained success. For Brown Mountain Bodywork, this meant not just a visual refresh, but a strategic overhaul to attract proactive, health-conscious clients and dedicated team members. Here’s how Hornsby Creative facilitated this transformation, steering the brand towards a more focused and effective market presence.

The Challenge:

Brown Mountain Bodywork has a simple goal: To get people out of pain and back to living their lives. They faced the dual challenge of attracting both their ideal client—active individuals who value regular integrative care for body maintenance—and the right team members to support this mission. The goal was to shift the perception of their services from occasional luxury to essential health maintenance, and to create a team environment that minimizes turnover without compromising the brand’s appeal.

The Process:

Our engagement began with an in-depth discovery phase to align the brand with its refined target audience and staffing needs. This involved using a combination of irreplaceable human intelligence and harnessing collaborative assistance from artificial intelligence tools to enhance our process:

  • Strategic Workshops: To clearly define the brand’s mission and the characteristics of its ideal clients and team members.

Competitive Analysis: Understanding market positioning and ensuring Brown Mountain Bodywork stood out in its offerings and workplace culture.
Synthesizing and Strategizing: Compiling and interpreting the data to create clarity and strategy.
Logo & Identity Design: We developed concepts and iteratively refined them into designs, use concepts and a final brand strategy and identity guide.

Canvas tote bag with "Brown Mountain Bodywork" printed in the center, on a reflective counter, beside a small amber bottle and a vase with dried grasses. To the right, a modern essential oil diffuser and glassware are positioned next to a framed scientific illustration of various geometric shapes and mathematical concepts on the wall.

The Solution:

The rebranding focused on a sophisticated, yet approachable visual and verbal identity:

  • New Logo Design: Moving away from typical industry symbols to a unique three-line wave mark paired with clear typography, representing both the scientific accuracy blended with the fluidity and dynamic nature of their services.
  • Enhanced Branding Materials: Leveraging the new brand guidelines including a new logo and identity package and brand voice across all platforms to consistently communicate the value of regular body maintenance.

Website Redesign: Our client was a web developer before switching careers so he opted to redo the website himself with our new brand guidelines and website recommendations. We think he did an awesome job. You can check it out and schedule them here.

Below is a sampling of some of the brand elements we developed. Throughout the process we check in with concepts like this to demonstrate how the look and feel may be created through the combination of various brand elements. The brand elements include responsive versions of the logo (different layouts to fit different size and shaped spaces and screens), textures, photographic style guidance, color palette, tone of voice and key messaging and more.

Collage of branding elements for "Brown Mountain Bodywork" including logo variations with wavy lines; top left and right feature the logo with a man and a woman exercising, respectively. The central image shows a hexagonal logo design. Below, a larger logo is displayed on a teal background with decorative lines beneath.

The Results:

With the new brand strategy and visuals in place, Brown Mountain Bodywork is well positioned for an increase in client engagement and a more stable, committed team. The transformation was well-received, as evidenced by a glowing testimonial from Zack Brown, the client:

"John Hornsby has been (and continues to be) a pleasure to work with. Our branding campaign was a smooth process from start to finish and communication was clear and consistent. The final result was all that I had hoped for and then some."
Smiling man with glasses, beard, and short hair, wearing a blue jacket, presented within a hexagonal frame against a blurred snowy background.
Zack Brown
CEO – Brown Mountain Bodyworkers

As a business owner, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Our role at Hornsby Creative is to help guide you to see the bigger picture—your brand’s roots, trunk, branches, and leaves and how it naturally fits into the surrounding marketing landscape. That way we attract the right fit clients like birds to nest. 

Gray polo shirt displayed on a stand with the "Brown Mountain Bodywork" logo on the chest, showcased in a modern room with scientific diagrams on the wall, a plant to the left, and a glass cabinet with a skull and towels in the background. The shirt is illuminated by a soft glow from a neon light frame behind it, and there's a notepad and pen on the table in the foreground.
Close-up of a textured beige journal with "Brown Mountain Bodywork" and decorative wavy lines embossed on the cover, resting on a reflective surface with a pen lying in front, in an elegant room with anatomical wall art and sophisticated decor in the background.

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Positioned to Thrive:

The case of Brown Mountain Bodywork exemplifies how strategic branding can transform not just a company’s image but its entire operational ethos. Our holistic approach creates clarity, strategy and visual identity all working together like a finely tuned body. By aligning the brand with the values and needs of both clients and staff, Brown Mountain Bodywork is set to thrive in the competitive wellness landscape. Ready to get your brand in optimal position for growth? Reach out to see if we’re a good fit for your next growth initiative.

Case Study – Brown Mountain Bodywork

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