Case Study – Black Mountain Renovation & Design

Our unique Discover, Design, & Deliver process redefined their brand identity, inspiring trust and authority among homeowners. A case study of growth, innovation, and success.


A photo showing a wax seal stamped with the logo "BLACK MOUNTAIN RENOVATION DESIGN" next to a wooden seal stamp with a brass head, on top of a dark envelope. The envelope and the seal display a textured surface suggestive of high-quality materials.

Elevating Homes and Dreams: The Black Mountain Renovation & Design Brand Story

The Beginning: A Vision for Growth

When Kendra, co-founder of a thriving handyman business nestled in the heart of Black Mountain, NC, reached out to us, her message resonated with ambition and foresight. For nearly five years, Kendra and her husband Mark had built a reputable handyman service. Yet, their vision didn’t stop there. Aiming to expand into a market opportunity in general contracting and remodeling, they dreamed of creating an umbrella company to house their growing portfolio of services. However, their current “Black Mountain Handyman” brand, was strong for a particular market niche. But that brand identity design didn’t quite capture the expanded authority and trust needed to encompass their broadening horizons.

A smiling man and woman standing next to a white van featuring the logo "Black Mountain Handyman LLC" with a graphic of a hammer. They are wearing matching dark grey t-shirts with the company's name. In the background, there are trees and a clear sky with mountains partially visible.

The Challenge: A Brand New Identity

Understanding the pivotal phase of growth Mark, Kendra and their team were navigating, we knew our Discover, Design, & Deliver process would provide the clarity and direction they sought. The goal was clear: craft a new brand identity that mirrored their values, established trust and authority, and resonated with homeowners throughout the Swannanoa Valley.

Our Journey Together: Discover, Design, & Deliver

Our collaboration began with an immersive Discovery phase, engaging in deep dives and collaborative sessions to unearth Black Mountain Renovation & Design’s core values, vision, and the transformative services they promised. This foundation was crucial for developing a robust brand strategy that included naming, messaging, and visual identity.

The Design phase saw the creation of a mood board, capturing the essence of what the brand aspired to evoke. We explored logo concepts, typography, color schemes, and imagery that aligned with their ethos. Feedback loops with Kendra and her team were vital, refining our concepts into a cohesive brand identity system, complete with a responsive logo, and supporting icons, with a brand identity designed to meet accessible design compliance, with several brand collateral mockups.

A moodboard collage featuring nine images and a color palette related to home renovation and design. The images include a person tying a leather boot, grey tiles, a wooden bowl, tools with a wax seal stamp, a modern house exterior at dusk, a well-lit kitchen with pendant lights, a closet organization system, a mountain landscape, and a person using a hand plane on wood. A color palette with shades of blue, grey, green, orange, and red is also displayed, suggesting these are the brand or design colors.
Two business cards for 'Black Mountain Renovation & Design' are displayed. One card shows placeholder text for a name, job title, email, and phone number, and the other lists contact details such as an email address 'info@blackmountainrenovationanddesign.com', website 'blackmountainrenovationanddesign.com', and social media symbols for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, indicating company's presence on these platforms. The cards are set against a textured stone background with a piece of wood to the side.
Three different vehicle designs for 'Black Mountain Renovation + Design'. The first is a white cargo van with the company logo and stripe design on the side and a partial see-through effect showing tools inside. The second is a pickup truck with the logo and design stripes along the side profile. The third image shows another angle of the cargo van highlighting the rear design and the company's contact information on the back doors.

The Transformation: A Brand Reborn

Through our collaborative efforts, Black Mountain Renovation & Design emerged with a brand identity that encapsulated their expanded vision. Kendra and Mark were equipped with a professional style guide, empowering them to market their business with consistency and confidence. The impact was immediate: clarity, focus, and a professional aesthetic that positioned them as leaders in their industry.

Hearing Kendra and Mark express their gratitude was a highlight of our journey together: “John was such a great guide for us! He helped ‘pull’ out our values and translate them into words and images. We had a fantastic experience and are forever grateful for his work with us.”

A laptop screen displaying the homepage of 'Black Mountain Renovation + Design' website. The page header includes the company logo and navigation tabs like Home, About us, Portfolio, Services, and Contact us. The main banner text says 'WELCOME HOME NEIGHBOR' with two interior design images showcasing a modern kitchen with pendant lights and a spacious kitchen with a central island.

The Impact: Beyond Aesthetics

This project underscored the power of a cohesive brand strategy and customer-centric design. For Black Mountain Renovation & Design, it wasn’t just about a new logo or color palette; it was about embodying their values, showcasing their unique identity, and connecting with their ideal clients. They now stand as a testament to professionalism, integrity, and community respect, offering high-quality home renovation solutions that transform houses into forever homes.

A laptop screen displaying the homepage of 'Black Mountain Renovation + Design' website. The page header includes the company logo and navigation tabs like Home, About us, Portfolio, Services, and Contact us. The main banner text says 'WELCOME HOME NEIGHBOR' with two interior design images showcasing a modern kitchen with pendant lights and a spacious kitchen with a central island.

Your Turn: Let's Craft Your Success Story

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Case Study – Black Mountain Renovation & Design

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