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    With over 25 years designing and building branded experiences, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works. Having spent decades in the trenches acting as a liaison between architects, developers, tenants, design teams, and municipalities, we can advocate for you as we distill the complex into a clear system. Together we’ll help navigate the design and implementation of your next branded experience.

    One thing we’ve learned is there is no one size fits all model to success. We listen deeply to understand, then help you focus, plan, research, and execute.

    We’re experienced in delivering creative visual design work that drives meaningful connections. With over 25 years of professional experience from ground level to management, we’ve helped businesses large and small figure out their stories and how to tell them. We’ve served as leaders of teams in sales, design, and production. We’ve spent countless hours of hands-on time on the production floor creating tangible products from event props to signs to packaging. We’ve helped conceive engaging experiences both online and off. And we’ve designed and built branded spaces that combine signage and decor to make share-worthy experiences. 

    We specialize in working with purpose-driven brands to craft creative solutions that make the world a better place. Driven by a core strength of connectedness, we believe in the power of design to improve society. We advocate being responsible stewards of our environment while maximizing the bottom line. We excel where design and community intersect to transcend boundaries and build social bridges.

    We’re passionate about the power of our stories to connect us through our common hopes, dreams, and struggles. We take our work seriously and are seriously fun to work with. Let’s make good things happen.

    John Hornsby Head Shot - Speaker - Designer - Brand Strategist

    Hi! I'm John Hornsby

    Founder, CEO, Creative Director. Call me what you like. I’m the primary creative and organizational force here at Hornsby Creative. Though we sometimes partner with other creatives to make projects happen, chances are you’ll be working with me on the front end as we collaborate to discover, design and deliver your next branded experience.  According to the Gallup Strengths Finders methodology, my top 5 core strengths are Connectedness, Input, Ideation, Strategic, and Achiever. 

    What that means is my natural talents lie in intuitively spotting the ways things are interconnected. That I spent a lot of time listening to our clients and researching to understand. That I excel at generating ideas, concepts and potential solutions. That I also am critical of those ideas and take the time to consider all angles before choosing the best course of action. And I am driven to deliver, stretch, grow and accomplish results.

    Let’s chat about how I can apply these strengths to help focus and grow your business to make a greater positive and profitable influence.

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